Best All Terrain Eco Stroller - The Independent

Best All Terrain Eco Stroller - The Independent

"A long walk does everyone the world of good – the last year or so has clarified that for us. If you want to head off the beaten track with your little one, you’ll need an all-terrain pram to keep up with you.

These nifty strollers are designed to tackle rougher routes and be easy to navigate through busy city streets. So what makes an all-terrain stroller, well, all-terrain?

These kinds of buggies have lightweight chassis which means it doesn’t take much heaving to get over lumps in the path. The prams also have excellent suspension for a smooth ride and often have air-filled tyres which offer a more comfortable ride.

Many, but not all, have three wheels – two larger back tyres and one smaller front tyre. The three-wheel design makes the strollers easier to push one-handed and can zip around corners with more ease.

They’re also good for tackling bumpy ground. We recommend looking for a lockable front wheel – locking it over very rough terrain stops the pram from getting jammed, but being able to unlock it for busy streets is invaluable.

How we tested

We took to the streets, fields and country paths over the course of six weeks to find the best all-terrain stroller."

"Best: Eco-friendly stroller

Rating: 9/10

  • Weight: 12kg
  • Wheels: Four
  • Suitable from: Birth

There’s something about this stroller we found quite pragmatic – although the chassis feels a bit less sleek than some others we tried. But that’s not to say we didn’t like it, because we really did. We absolutely loved that the pram has been made with sustainability in mind. Some 25 per cent of the plastic components are made from ocean plastic, while all the fabrics are 100 per cent recycled PET. And while we’re waxing lyrical about the materials used, we loved the natural cork handle: it felt nice to hold and we could grip it well. Plus, natural cork is supposed to be antimicrobial, sustainable and renewable – three big ticks given the times we live in.

But on to the test ride. We found the large back tyres helped navigate bumps, while the smaller front wheels made light work of tight corners. On rougher terrain, it’s easy to switch a bolt on the front tyres to lock them. The air-filled tyres all have individual suspension which gave a nice smooth ride across pavements and fields too.

This was one of the only all-terrains we tried that had the option for the seat to be world or parent facing. When the seat unit is world facing, you can fold the stroller with the seat unit attached. The seat feels well-padded and it fully reclines. We really liked that the calf support flipped up for extra comfort during naps. The Bumbleride era has some nice touches too – a magnetic peekaboo hood for silently checking your slumbering child, a pocket in the back for valuables and a removable sleeve on the bumper bar, which was handy for throwing in the wash."

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